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New Features For Plinko

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I agree with this but I think it should be a stop on max win rather then on profit, or maybe both.  So many times I get up and walk away while autobetting and come back to see the max win I was hunting but continued to lose some of the profit.

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5 hours ago, wngo123 said:

I never use autobet on plinko. I prefer to click bet button many , many times and then see what happens. This give me control over the game. I didn't play plinko on autobet for very long time. Falling asleep? Seriously? Game is very exciting , I can't imagine falling asleep :) 

hello wngo123,
but most players use auto bet, if you use a laptop you might not fall asleep, but if you use a smartphone you might fall asleep, because playing plinko while lying down makes you sleepy and bored and it would be nice if the developer stake made the feature..

Thanks for respons wngo123 and Good luck

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Seems simple enough to add, and I don't see any reason why not to. Every other game has it, and with plinko being one of the favorites, it should definitely have the option to stop when you choose to set it to

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