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Small time win big amount with low multiplayer

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Hey friends, 

Today I want know which game you play for small time and win big amount for example if you have 0.001 Btc and you need to win 0.05 Btc which game you play and which strategy you use ,

I play mines game and play 5 bobms and I change on every bet my bet amount I think this strategy make in small time big amount

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if I have 0.001 btc and hope to win a bet with a win amount of 0.05 btc, then my answer is only one, which is the dice game, because with the permanence of the dice, increasing the balance we have can be very fast even if only a small bet, such as 99x payout with onloss 1% -3% (depending on the basic bet amount).

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1 hour ago, sheenazbay said:

i prefer to play keno if i have 100k sats. and sometimes I also play plinko and hope to hit 1000x. I also play dice, limbo and slots. those five games that I play often, and maybe I'll try some other games to try my luck

I don't think keno give you fast results in small time I think this depends on your luck if you hit some big otherwise after so many rolls you not get big hit I think just mines game give you very fast results within small time 

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4 hours ago, sahil777 said:

for me its two games only limbo and dice, you can hunt for big multiplier, or you can go for simple random play, in both formats these two are the best games to play and make your balance big enough.

but also risky as hell, but for high multipliers these two are awesome.

it's true, the game of dice and limbo is very high risk of defeat, however between these two games, when hunting at high multiples, the number of wins is amazing,
if I want to double my balance, I prefer to play dice, sometimes I play limbo.

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