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#2 Jackpot Giveaway

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On 6/12/2017 at 6:40 AM, Asombroso said:

100k Forum and Stake Balance Jackpot 

Ticket Price: 2k Forum or Stake Balance

Total Ticket: 50 only

Jackpot:  1st place - 55k (or 55% of the bank)

                 2nd place - 25k (or 25% of the bank)

                 3rd place - 15k (or 15% of the bank)


Remaining: 30 tickets (13 Dec 2017 11:15 UTC)



To participate in Givawey you must send me 2k Satoshi to my account on the forum or in the game.



1. How to buy lottery ticket?

A: You can send me 2k Satoshi to my account on the forum or in the game

- In the game you send me 12k and I immediately return you 10k back! (Because the minimum Tip is 10k)


2: Can i buy more than 1 ticket ?

A: No, One member = One Ticket only (no Alt account)

Support will help with checking for alts accounts


3. When jackpot end?

A: When all the 50 lottery tickets are sold or last Date 20 December 2017 year, 18:00 (UTC)

Buy tickets can be until 17:30 (UTC)


4: How to choose Winner ?

A: I choose winner , Random.org

I will try to make a giveaway live on my channel https://www.twitch.tv/asombroso 


Good luck to all! 😄

P.S. I leave myself only 5% for organizing, advertising and conducting!


Ticket numbers:

01. GodLoft

02. wilberthh

03. ThugStream

04. remember 

05. born2win

06. ri1ey

07. Peckatop

08. Kargai

09. SnikeConfirmed

10. Viksen

11. zuxel

12. 6Death6machine6

13. targitai

14. GodLoft

15. Han2x

16. irazta

17. skillex

18. Ymerej

19. sboriz33



im new here. i have no satoshi . 

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