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Your experience with beggar?

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yeah I found many beggars here. I don't know if they might pay attention to the betting room even though it's not in the high rollers room. suddenly I received friend requests from people I did not know. indeed at first they only made small talk. invite acquaintances and so on. but at the end they asked for coins and indeed I had guessed before. when I found out their true intentions and goals, I immediately contacted support and reported them. because if not, they will keep asking me for coins

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On 11/24/2019 at 5:35 PM, Omerfrom02 said:

beggars come and ask for coins but I never report them I tip them too if I got big balance

Point to be noted, that's a good thing lol. I do it too when I win enough that makes me satisfied. 


26 minutes ago, Seoulmate said:

There are some players who have a begging account and a player account. Players can have funds but they prefer play with other peoples money so the beg on an alt created for that.

Well, is that really true! Never thought anything like that. Those people are really shameless. 

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