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Your favourite sports for betting.


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I like to bet on cricket and soccer. I don't really follow any other sports that much because i don't have the time to keep up to date with all of them... student life as i am sure that many of you can relate to. So i stick to these two and just follow them and make my bets. Also i found that it is quite easy to predict winners here in these cases, however i have also lost big with some unexpected turns in some games that i never saw coming. 

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I just got into Tennis betting lately and its actually so fun, u have variety of bets and the games could be so intense !

I was into betting on goals on football games , #UnderGang 

Also i was so obsessed with watching league of legends content, so i watched nearly every game of Lcs and Lec anyways, So its quite fun to bet on it especially when i feel like i have some experience on the games


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