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Lucky and unlucy at same time (20-11-2019)

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Guys today's day is full of expectations.
I already buste all on last night and started day as usual with 0 balance.

i started playing with faucet on other website.
1 lucky faucet give me hit of 9900x and i reach balance of 3400 doge and for withdrawal i need to reach 6100 doges.
i played few pre-rolls 400 loss on 100x ,so decided to increase bet to 60. but no 100x in that also
and busted all 3400 doges which made from faucet.
(no single 100x in 458 rolls and busted 3400 doges)

now i stop dreaming 

but again after 1 hour another lucky faucet give me 1000x 2 times and i reach near to withdrawal.  
later i used different strategy and made withdraw possible.  (246 xlm withdrawan from faucet)
on another website also made 20$ withdrawal from 5$ bonus received from website.

feeling lucky with faucet today.

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