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Does instant bet make a difference on slots?

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Do you guys sometimes feel like you win more having instant betting off? I think its all in the mind. The anticipation can be draining when you hit two scatters and the rest of the reels go into slow motion mode. especially when you dont hit 3 scatters for like millenia. But sometimes i feel like it makes a difference. what about you guys. 

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Hello ,

I think like you I feel that when I put in auto bets I win more and the free spin falls more often, but it's in my head for real I think it's strictly the same in the end. If you play twice as fast as his tomb more often. haha

Good day my friends and good luck

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It's certainly not a factor that can affect the outcome BUT I kinda get what you mean. I have been rolling around 30k rounds of slots in few days during the slots challenge and for some reason, or atleast how I felt, was that I won more while the instant bet was off. 

I think the main reason for me winning more was since the game was slower and I have more time to think when I should double my base bet etc. Whereas with instant on, firstly it is pretty boring since there is nothing suspense whatsoever and on top of that I don't know how to stop the autobet. I keep rolling and then I miss the opportunity to have profited or broke-even having increased the base bet. 

But yeah it's all in our head :P:) 

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