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Instagram Influncers Needed

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Instagram Influncers Needed.  Here you won't have to beg for tips and coins whenever you want to gamble. 

Check out Indahash.com.


Requirements to be an Influncer for a company on instagram.

Use social media wisely, and earn while at it.
Join our telegram group so we can boost your followership, and qualify you for the requirements of the company.

It's free, not even a penny spent. 

Here is what you need to be an Influncer on instagram, and get daily gigs to promote brands and get paid. 

80% engagement 
44 posts.

With these you get paid to post their campaigns on your page. Don't only be on social media,use it to pay bills.

Only those on instagram and telegram should contact me .


It's 100% FREE!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds interesting. Is this offer still available? However, it seems to be a little bit tricky for me. So, what you basically do is that you help the influencer to collaborate with different companies and get paid for it, moreover, this service is free, right? Then, what are your benefits from this deal? I have an Instagram account, and a couple of years ago I paid for some promoting service on https://igautolike.com, which helped me a lot to increase the number of followers. Since then I'm very active on Instagram and I post mostly every day. So, I would be interested in becoming an influencer, but I would like to know more details about all the conditions.

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