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Hello fellow stakers. I hope you all are positive and  in green. I want to reach out and see if anyone has really good advice on how to spread the word about stake. I know all the ins and outs and could do a good job selling the site, but how do I get my campaign out there more revelant.

I have joined a couple of posts on reddit and  I can spread through people I see face to face.  That's the thing I want to know. How do I get people to use my link to try it or at least get them curious and the. I can come in and deal the deal. 

Also, I have heard of a little cut on the commission. As a new user it wouldnt bother me as much as someone who has been here for a long time. How much was it cut down to though? What are the percentage commission that we earn?

With the new banners out for slots and with sportsbetting coming along, I have a feeling a lot of bookies are going to be "booked out"! So please friends, tell me some of your secrets. I have a little one a birdie gave me earlier so I will trade secrets with you or just do it because I am a nice guy! Stay green people!

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Create something of value so people come to you, dont chase after them.

a youtube video showing hot strategy etc

Also dont trick them, be up front and honest about it.

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