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Moon Coin Faucets

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Moon Coin Faucets

What are moon coin faucets? -  Moon coin faucets are a group of faucets, that allows you to claim free coins.

Why moon coin faucets are so good Moon coin faucets are very good because they are all hooked up to Coinpot which is a website that holds your currency from different faucet and mining sites, Coinpot coins can be easily withdrawn into a coin wallet of your choice.


- Referral Bonus > You can get up to 50% referral commission on all time faucets done by the person you refer. {Which is an awesome bonus}

- Loyalty Reward > The more days you do a faucet on, the more loyalty bonus you get when withdrawing faucet. 

- Mystery Bonus >  This is a random percentage of your faucet being payed on top of your faucet payment

Example: If you had logged in for 19 consecutive days, you get 19% of whatever you faucet that day added onto your faucet withdrawal

Proof of moon faucets sending coins -  https://gyazo.com/571955da54edba93959003eb60cdfd9a

(It might not make you rich, but its great for making a little bit here and there, you dont need the page always up and running, and you can withdraw off of coinpot when you have a small amount of coins on your account which is great, it isnt like some sites where you need 200k-500k of the coin to withdraw)

I would very much appreciate you using my affiliate codes because it helps me make a little more coin which I can then giveaway every so often.

If you have read this far, put [DCG] in your comment and I might send a few of you a little reward


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4 minutes ago, wilbur said:

additional. like im saying before just for the benefit of others who didnt see it. 

check faucethub.io

they have free faucet many alt coins to claim :) the site is cool . 

and I think mooncoin is part of faucethub I suppose? 

amma try that out buddy :)

I think they might have a partnership with faucethub but i prefer this way more


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