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Christmas and Dirty Santa and Others!

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Hello fellow stakers. I hope you all are doing good and making tons of money. You can feel free to tip me in the casino once you become rich so I can join you, lol! Now, I want to talk about Christmas and a few fun things. 

Forst off, where I live, we do celebrate Christmas. We are celebrating the birth of baby Jesus and we get together around this time of year with family amd friends and have food, wine amd exchange gifts. Do you celebrate Christmas where you're from? Do you have any customs or any rituals that are different than the norm? I would love to hear some stories of what you guys do in your country. 

Also, we have some really fun games we play during these times. For example, onenofnthe games we play is dirty Santa. This game starts by drawing numbers.  Usually 1 through 10. All gifts are wrapped and placed in the middle of the room. Number 1 goes 1st and pucks any present they wish. Number 2 can either take the present from 1, or that person may choose a new, unwrapped gift. If 2 took the present from 1, then 1 has to pick another present. Next is number 3's turn. He can take either the present from number 1 or 2, or he may choose to take a new unwrapped present. It goes like this through all the numbers until there is 1 person and 1 gift left that is wrapped. That person is also known as dirty Santa too because they can take ANY present from anyone or they make take final present, which never really happens. 

At work we sometimes draw names and you get someone from your job that you buy a present for. These presents aren't expensive. They are either 1 of 2 things, a gag gift (getting a joke gift that is funny) or a gift that is picked because you know that person very well, I prefer the latter, lol! I was hoping we could do this one time for Stake. Wouldn't it be fun to recieve a gift from someone that lives in another country!  I would def hope @JelenaR would pick me and would send me some Rajinka (spelling?)!. That would really make my Christmas. 

I hope this put a smile on your face or made you chuckle a little. Sometimes we are stressed from playing but sometimes taking a stop and realizing what beauty life is giving us is really peaceful. I am going hiw so have fun, good luck, stat green and withdraw!

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