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I was wondering if this has happened to anyone and what's the reason behind it. Have you ever posted a new topic and then realized it was never given sats for? I am asking this because this is something that has happened to me a few times. 

I made a post discussing Christmas earlier and it was a super long post. I am fluent in English and love reading and writing so this type of stuff comes naturally to me.

Now tell me, why would a brand new topic post would not recieve anything?  That is all I am want to say in hopes that maybe you guys can share your experiences with me!



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Heya, Sean :) 

Not all of the boards on Stake Forum are PPP ;) There is a tendency to change the paid sections order, not to encourage people posting only in the ones that they know in advance they will receive incentive for, and not to encourage people to use Forum as faucet replacement of a sort, but more as a platform to commute, help each other, and contribute - incentive is given for that, at least that was the initial plan.

So, this varies, and the best way to 'hunt' for Forum awards is to post in different sections, and all over the Forum, sometimes in General, sometimes in Stake Discussions, and sometimes in News, for example ;) 

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