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Get paid 0.001 BTC per review you do of a gambling website

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Just now, Edward said:

Go to https://forum.cryptogambling.org 

Write a short, 4 - 8 sentence review on a website under the verified & non verified websites forum sections and we will pay you 0.001 BTC. Once you write a review post here with how many reviews you've done & your BTC address. 

Reviews which are not up to standards (Good grammar, good content, relevant content etc.) will be deleted and you will not be paid. You post the reviews under the topic for the relevant website as a post reply.

Link to verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/54-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ 
Link to non verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/55-non-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ 

Post any questions here.

can i review zoomdice? its not in the verified and non verified so can i start a new site topic?

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Nick wowa24

I tried to write an objective opinion, because English is not my native language, there may be a lack of attention, but I tried to understand clearly

1PxA9DXh8nQiAtC63t6uVbSXraDXLja3P9     or nickname on Stake wowa24


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does this mean that for every review we do we get paid 0.001btc? So if i write 10 reviews you will pay me 0.01 BTC? when do we receive the funds, immediately? Is there a limit to how many reviews we can do. 


BTC Address: 15rdDsgk8gZUvAqQcQeEPnEdkvC47QNnj8

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Is there a time limit @Edward ? 

Do you prefer that we edit one single post or that we post our reviews over time ? (I plan to write 2 or 3 every day).

Thanks anyway for the opportunity !






BTC address : 1CG5LMoWQ5diLS1kTvd13Q8YS2NLCF7ZsX 

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Edward thanks for this for us to have a chance to get some balance :D

2 reviews



 this is my reviews so far.


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