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Ayurveda Treatments

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Ayurveda is the health science which guides a person towards a healthy lifestyle and a better holistic close to nature means of curing an ailment that happens due to unhealthy lifestyle, external causes or due to a seasonal or age related variation or a heredity factor or any other causes

Science of Ayurveda defines its purpose as preserving and promoting the health of a healthy person and treating the disease of an ill person. To achieve these purposes two treatment strategies are adopted in Ayurveda as:

  1. Sodhana Chikitsa or Panchakarma or Intensive Detoxification-Purification Therapy

  2. Shamana Chikilsa or Moderate Alleviating Therapy

If toxins in the body accumulate, then a cleansing process known as Panchakarma is recommended to purge these unwanted toxins. This five-fold purification therapy is a classical form of treatment in Ayurveda. These specialized procedures consist of the following:

  • Therapeutic vomiting or emesis (Vamanam)
  • Purgation (Virechanam)
  • Enema (Vasti)
  • Elimination of toxins through the nose (Nasyam)
  • Bloodletting or detoxification of the blood (Raktamoksham)

Shaman chikitsa is the moderate means of treatment where Snehana and Swedana are followed and only moderate detoxification is advised. Shamana Chikitsa is a means of regular health maintenance treatment as well as treatment advised in weak vulnerable group of patients even though the disease condition is severe. Shamana Chikitsa is Controlled Monitored Pacification therapy and includes internal medications, external treatments and life style management with healthy diet and Yoga-Meditation.

Kerala the cradle of Ayurveda has remodelled the classical treatments in the master text books of Ayurveda into practical applications which later got branded as Keraleeya Panchakarma and is being heralded globally as the best therapeutic methodology for the effective management of illness and to promote wellness for a better living.

Harivihar Heritage Homestead associated with Sakalya Ayurveda offers authentic Keraleeya Ayurveda treatments for both wellness and illness in a hygenic state of the art facility embedded in a calm serene sprawling green ambience. The centre itself is a traditional Kerala Nalukettu architecture with legacy of more than a century. The best ambience, comfortable traditional yet contemporary stay, healthy tasty vegetarian food, homely hospitality are all complimentary to the most authentic  supervised Ayurveda treatments performed by experienced skilled therapists. The stay is made more memorable with a peek into Kerala culture, Kerala lifestyle and Ayurveda discussions with doctors.

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