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Longest run without skip.

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hey guyz :)

what is your longest run at hi lo which ended up at win not busting and without skip a card.

i had a 11 in a row and won but never tried for more, and after this winning i never go beyond 11 again hi lo is always a very tough game for me to get some big multiplier.

though with card skipping once i got 23 cards streak but multiplier was low because i was playing safe, my biggest multiplier ever is only 170x at hi lo.

so whats your longest run at hi lo without skipping a card ?

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I don't remember how many cards it was, but I was able to get 1000x on hilo without skipping any cards. I won 998k sats or something around that. That was one time deal though, usually I can't go without skipping cards at all these days. It used to be more easier. Now 4 cards open and I'm already sweating lol

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Hilo game has been a very bad game to me, never can get more than 10 cards, and when I reach that amount I always cash it.  Is not my favourite game, no matter if this has the "skip card" option, this games with unlimited amount of deck of cards are so hard to play to me.  Nice to read that you can handle that many cards in a single hand, I wish you all Hilo gamblers the best of luck.

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