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5 minutes ago, rockingmonk said:

Hello world,

I played mines more than any other game on stake.com.

what i found the best strategy to play it that play with 3 mines and go upto 3-5 bombs with higher amount.

Tip: Alaways note bombs in mines and find gems in next bet, it will work  75% and rest 25% is your luck.



same here i played only mines. just alit plinko and dice :D i played 3 bombs too. but i used automate . pick 6 diamons . thank for sharing 

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1 minute ago, wilberthh said:

Another kind of 'strategy thing'? stay away from it. Just play as usual. There is no such thing as strategy :P

all games have some strategy man, i knw its all luck but this one works almost 60-70% try yourself.. :)

2 minutes ago, Pacman said:

We dont need strategy. we need big balls haha 

haha.. yeah

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