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#3 Stake Blackjack | Analysis + Giveaway

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Back with another video :)

How to enter this videos 2070 DOGE giveaway to test out blackjack yourself! (must be subscribed and have liked the video to be eligible) :P
1) Comment Stake username on the video
2) Comment a video idea related to stake or programming with gambling.
3) Comment Stake username on Stake forum post

(1 entry for each) - you don't need to do all 3

Congrats to "abitukas" for winning last videos giveaway.

The giveaway was rolled 2 days ago and only just uploaded just to reasons like Stake reviewing my video and editing.
Because of this, all entries posted after the giveaway was rolled, are automatically re-entered into this giveaway! ~ You can still gain extra entries on this post too.

Good luck! Hope you enjoy the video.


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1) nuuuitsjdragon (posted in youtube comment) *You need to rephrase requirement no.1 as it can be mistaken to be the same as no.3
2) make a video on how to use Graphql with Stake's API - basic automation of certain actions etc.
3) nuuuitsjdragon

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