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Buy Bitcoin Right Now?


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IF you're sying dropping a little, then you'll be buying a lot of times cause it usually goes down a little and go up  little from time to time.

Buut ofc, now i can see that it fell A LOT since the last time i came here, I think now is not such a bad time to buy but it won't hurt to wait for it to go lower :)

or possibly stabilize  a little..

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I would say BTC has been on the low for a bit now, if I had some money to spare, I would of bought a little. 

But as they say, only invest what you are prepared to lose! 

PS: I would probably buy myself a nice bankroll and deposit on here and grow it a little haha.

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Hello my friends,

If I can afford to give you my opinion I advise you to wait at the start of the year to buy because in my opinion I think that the BTC will drop sharply as the holidays approach and I can see a record next year global happen. Now you know what I'm going to do. up to you.

Good evening and good luck to you.

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The simple fact is that this is unknowable.  Do you need Bitcoin for some reason?  If so, now is the time to buy.  However, no one can know what price will do.  While I believe in the Bitcoin project, and so think the long term direction is up, Bitcoin is so volatile that the price bounces around huge amounts every day.  If you have a little money you want to put into Bitcoin buy a little bit from time to time so you are not crying too hard if the price drops.

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According to the 'right' investment advice, buy-in(s) to any asset class should be done in increments, scaling upwards as the price goes down. Likewise, the reverse is true as well when selling for profit.

This is because no one can accurately predict market shifts and buy in/cash-out at the absolute bottom/top, thus in this way there is way less risk involved.

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This is an easy one.....yes !  Always yes!  Avoid FOMO and buy bitcoin at any moment if.....you are going to HODL it!  If not, then you better do your own research (DYOR) and make the move you like.  If the questions is because you want to hold it there you have my answers.  The fact that you are asking makes me think that you are not aware of market so, my best advise is to put yourself to learn the crypto path and make desition to your own.  Good luck and keep the buying!

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2 hours ago, Ali saher said:

I think this is not time to buy so much Btc for stock because Btc price in my opinion go down after few weeks so I think you wait some time maybe after 1,2 months you buy Btc 

Thanks for the insight, thats sorta what ive been waiting for is for bitcoin to drop a decent amount then stock up and hopefully it will rise again

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I bought bitcoin a very long time ago. I just find at this point im holding. Im not going to use it, spend it or trade it. Just going to keep it safe for now.

if you need bitcoin right now, buy some. However, I don’t think it is profitable right now to invest. 

My personal belief right now is, Q1 is such a shit time for anything. Everyone is getting over the “holiday high” i think the price will continue to drop for awhile then shoot back up. 

tldr: read what wry said. I agree with him 

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I just want to add that, is just smart to buy any btc amount every single fucking day.....because no matter what the price is it right now, larger companies will be buying the idea of blockchain develope and because of this, we all know that the btc price is going up.  So, my suggestions will always be to buy as much as you can remembering that cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are not a substitute of fiat but a complement of it.  So, use your money, the one that goes to savings, grab a little and buy bitcoin.  My opinion.  Good luck. 

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