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Buy Bonus on slots game

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1 hour ago, Jeazelle said:

Hello again stake forum community 
How about stake add buy bonus like other slots gambling site that's gonna be cool 
But I know stake focus on Sports hope someday if there's a lot of slots game on stake
what do you think guys?

The plan is to roll out a pretty wide variety of slot games over the next year, including one with a progressive jackpot. I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of those games had the option to buy the bonus round... Personally I've always felt that was a total waste of money, But that's just me. 

I'm really excited to see what features will be added in the new games to come.

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No please I dislike this feature on slots the most, being able to buy the bonus feature somehow just makes me feel like the game isn't random and up to chance anymore - feels kinda rigged, at least to me. I've never found slots with this feature particularly good with their payouts. Having the ability to just spend to get the bonus round also take out all the fun in playing slots.

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Buy bonus round its first thing which i hear.
as per u we need to buy bonus round with some coins.
But how much cost would u expect for same.

In stake slots bonus round usually give 20-50x on an average, rarely give more than 100x.
If bonus round cost would be 100 times of base bet it would not at all profitable to users
if it cost like 50 time of base bet it not worth for stake.

Whatsoever this is nice concepe....
hope stake implement it....

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Hello there , 

As they said before there will be many games added to slots soon and they are working on it. I'm also excited about this and expect more next year , Hope they can give us teasers or something but slots was just realeased so i think a couple of months before we can have any news. About the buy bonus on slots game i think there will be a chance but in another style. Goodluck Jeazelle.

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Hello how are you ?

I think this is really a very good idea, but you have to see how much would be the purchase of a bonus, since I find that slot machines pay only very little 80.90% of the time.
For me will therefore be a support, even if I think that if there is a purchase of bonus on the slot machine I would be the first ruined ahaha.

Good luck and good evening everyone.

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I think that this will be an awful idea. It will just result in more people saying that the site is rigged and they will leave the site. Buying a bonus like that can be extremely volatile and profit chances can be very small. Even though provably fair exists, if people buy a bonus and they lose money, they will call it rigged :/ 

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