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Gambling for high rollers.

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hey folks :)

when ever i watch high roller tab i always thought, how people win that much big amounts, are these game made for them and not for us, sometimes i cant even win 0.005 btc for weeks, and these folks winning thousands of dollars just like that.

then i realize they are betting big and they have large bankroll  they can afford to play big and ofcourse if you are playing big you will win big or lose big, like as we notice everyday how LOOPOO get top spot everyday in race and also during race he win alot of money by betting as well, thats because he always play with thousands of dollars, but he is lucky as hell too.

what are you high roller or average player ?

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Hi guys :)

There is no secret, the more money you have the more you can lose but the more you can earn.
The HUGH ROLLER you should know that they are ready to lose a lot and a losing session for them represents thousands of euros but some do not realize.
I think they have the bankroll to be able to support such a bet in case it bust.

Good luck everyone and good day guys

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no, no, no. I never watch high rollers, I never envy their victories. A big balance is a big risk. It is enough to look in the chat at Eugene’s tears  :) I apologize to him for this joke. But this player loses a lot and always large amounts. We can not know how things really are for the players who take first place in the race. Today they win, and tomorrow they can lose. But we lose $ 10 or $ 100, and they already have $ 1,000 at stake. It’s a pity to lose such an amount. I am always glad even for small victories. I enjoy winning, for example, in 500-1000 doges :)

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