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Best game for high x?

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Arguably this game is the beat game for extremistic, ambitious bounty hunters as the multipler on the upper bound has an infinite value. (Yes, even better than Mines at 13/12- the multipler in this game can increase beyond 2Mx). It still all depends on one's luck though. 

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Take your imagination to the limits with this game if you are a real bounty hunter because there are no limits going up! I even saw someone hitting 6-digit multipliers here twice within the day which other games would very unlikely to generate (Mines 13/12 and Crash). Even if the chance is 0.0000001% of appearing, it is NOT zero and it would appear (just like how you wish Martingale would last forever with 99.9999998% of winning all the time)! 😄

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On 12/21/2019 at 3:47 PM, Enzo said:

You guys think limbo is the best game for high multipliers? Im talking multipliers above 1000x

Hi enzo... have you hit high multipliers already? In what  games?

As for  me my favorite for hunting high multipliers above 1000x are Mines and limbo

I enjoy hunting the jackpot on 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 bombs.. i already hit jackpots on 9, 10 bombs... i'd like to hunt the jackpot on 11,12 and 15 bombs which I am hunting today

I am also going for 200kx multiplier on limbo..

I sent rolls on these already and not yet hit.. which is the reason why I don't change seeds yet


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