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Christmas gift from stake

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What kind of Christmas gift would you like to get on stake from your gambling? Any particular goal you would like to reach during this time? I would want to finally hit 9900x on dice. I have never been able to hit that since I joined stake. I don't even understand how is that possible :D

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I have a lot of whims from stake)
I start from the New Year theme to large-scale distribution. And so I think that the best gift would be a stream where Edd will play tickets and support all together, wish a happy new year, I would like to visit stake at that moment, but I'm sorry that I new year I will not be on the site and miss this madness in the chat)

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14 hours ago, Jeeves said:

I just wish that Santa-Eddie make more giveaways) love his streams) Merry Xmas to all. P.S. anyone want this 9900 wish you hit it

There are many give aways and challenges during Christmas time just check the forum section dedicated to challenges, there is something new every day

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