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Do you guys take breaks while gambling?

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On 12/23/2019 at 7:47 PM, Sped said:

Hello stakers!

Recently, while I have been gambling I have been finding that after I win a little and build up, if I take a break and let the adrenaline calm down I play smarter and build up more often.

Do you guys take breaks while you gamble, in that I mean you get up from your computer and do something else with your time. I have a lot of trouble doing this because im addicted and when I have balance I just want to continually use it constantly!

Anyways, thanks for all your inputs, I look forward to reading them.

Have a great day! :D

i am taking break after hitting big wins yes, i try to raise slow 

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always take a break when my balance growth, colding my brain. take an hours and start gamble again to gain more 😁

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