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​🧐​ Suggestions for Telegram Challenge|Bonus ​🎁​

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Hey Hey :)

Win BlackJack with 2 cards 3 times in a row all 6 cards must have the same color (red or black).

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3 times is better then 2x in a row (it's a Challange!) :)
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I'm not gona see all the replies so I will post my ideas here and I guess u will see many of them repeated

1.hit 9900x on dice

2.get 3 consecutive increasing winnings on limbo, the first one should be at least 50x

3.get 3 consecutive winnings on plinko by hitting the highest 3 payouts in order, like if u playing plinko with 12 rows on medium u should hit 4 then 11 then 33 consecutively to win the challenge

4.get 3 winnings on dice with 30x payout, the bets should be increasing or decreasing numbers in order consecutively, 

5.win at least 500x on keno by choosing 2 columns

6.win by 2x then 3x then 4x then 5x on diamonds consecutively and it should be the same color ( kinda impossible xD)

If i got more idea i will put it here :)

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Hilo -- win a bet by opening 15 red cards (no skipping of card allowed)

Hilo-- win a bet by opening 5 red aces (no skipping of card allowed)

Blackjack-- tie two consecutive bets with dealer on 21 

Blackjack-- win a bet with sum of both (dealer & player cards) be equal or greater than 60 

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I love all these ideas which mostly have been done before.I guess people dont see it all the time. My only suggestion on telegram challenges would be to have them 2x a day. The race is already hard to play along with and watch Eddie's stream because I have to get up super early. If we had itnta8ce a day I think it would even out the players and give.everyone else a chance to win! Just my 2 cents!

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On 12/24/2019 at 5:08 PM, giorgim6666 said:

first i dont like bonus prizes, old better everyone winning same amount :)

1) dice - get 50x 3 in a row :) 

2) limbo -  150000x :)

3) hilo - get 20000x without skipping card :) 

4) keno - select 7 number and win 7 number high risk

5) mines - 50000x :)

6) plinko - high risk 16 pin 26 x two times in a row

7) blackjack - need get bj but also need push :) 

8 )  roulette - win a bet with number 5 and bet id ending 55555

9) wheel - 49.5x two times in a row 

10 ) diamond poker - five of kind but need push bet :) 

11) baccarat - banker win but banker need AAA :)

12 ) crash - wining bet with 300x

13) video poker - 2x with bet id ending 2222

14) slots - 5 scatters 

nice bro 😊😊

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1. Limbo (part 1) - 10k payout, 20k payout and 30k payout (3 winners);

2. Limbo (part 2) - 100k payout (1 winner);

3. Roulette (part 1) - Hit 0 and ends bets in 000 (2 winners);

4. Roulette (part 2) - Hit 0 in a 2 row wins. (2 winners);

5. Roulette (part 3) - Hit 3 2 1 0  withour row wins (2 winners).


Limbo and roulette in 1 day challenge would be cool =D 



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Dice: payout 99x on low and 99x high in a row (or vice versa)

Dice: hit 33.33 and 88.88 post on one chat

Dice: hit payout 4500 on high

Limbo : hit payout 15x thrice  in a row

Limbo: hit payout 888x and 999x

Limbo: hit payout 0.99x, 1.00x in a row post in one chat

hilo: hit K K A A or A A K K

hilo: hit 10, J, Q, K

hilo: hit A 2 3 or 2 3 4

hilo: hit 2 A 2

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Hilo:Get a 1000x the starting card must be an ACE and the last one a KING

Dice:Hit number 11.11 and 66.66

Dice:Hit 2 back to back 100x

Plinko:Get a 620x right side

Diamonds:Hit 2 back to back 50x

Mines:Get the A letter pattern and D pattern

Limbo:Get a 15000x and the number must be higher than 15100x

Limbo:Get 2 back to back 100x

Slots:Hit a full line pharoans

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