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Kind a funny situation.

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hello guyz hope you xmas day is going great :)

i want to talk about my todays hi lo session, though i dont play this game much but i like to take chance sometimes, so what i want to share is very funny hi lo pattern, today when i started game with card number 3 i got next card k then i went for low got 3 again then went for high got k again then went for lo got 3 again.

ok after some hand i got a start card 6 i betted low got 4 then gone for high got 9 then low 4 then high 9 then low 4 then again high 9 lol i mean this is really funny moves sometimes at hi lo.

but the worst ever i got was funny but painfull, i go start card A i betted for high bust, because it was A again, then start from there, betted high next card again A then started from there and next card again  A :(

i was laughing and screamin what just i missed. those were four freakin A in a row.

did you guyz ever faced this kind a situation.


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Never face this situation but yeah one of my friend @doge4me has a funny story or mistake or luck what ever you want to call


he was playing hilo on hilo bot trying to complete this weeks challenge and was down about 120k something 

and suddenly his bot stopped working and he restarted bot

then he thought now he should change strategy  as he was losing earlier so he thought of hunting AA Pattern and boom second roll ching

He was in thought of playing further more for higher payout suddenly he sees profit  that is -0.00080000 btc damn then he checks his base bet insted of putting 8k sat he accidently  placed an 80k sat bet and this happend.

HILO: 13,278,196,748

placed by Doge4me on 25/12/2019


0.00080000 btc.svg




0.00949600 btc.svg


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Yes I get that a lot. Like you made it in 1 bet and actually bet for low all the time, you can get like 3 aces in a row or something and get a nice multiplier like 2000x or more. But the thing is its really unexpected and you cant even think of that when you see ace, most of the time you instantly go for hi for a safer feeling.

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