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mobile app?


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Nope, stake does not have a mobile app. I wish they did... It would be very very cool if they did, as when i play stake on mobile browser, it lags a crap ton. and that can get very very annoy and out of hand. So a mobile app would be ideal for us mobile gamblers :)

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I had the same problem when I was using my Samsung Galaxy S9. I couldn't download any apps online, and I couldn't load any movies to watch online. I thought that the problem is in the official store, so I found an alternative to downloading app files. I like it because I can download a paid app on the mobile phone for free. But the problem remained, I couldn't download anything from the official store. So I went to a special workshop for mobile phones, and they told me that the date on the phone is not correct, which was why I couldn't download anything.



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