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Stop Icarus! Don't fly too high!


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Let me tell you about the time I wagered $60k in about ten minutes from a rain. 

I was on another site and a megastorm came. I caught something like 250k tokens that could be traded for real coin. Well I wagered that up to a few million and exchanged it for bch. All in all I had like .1 bch after converting. I with Drew .06 and kept .04 to roll. And what a roll it was. 

I quickly grew my balance with 4.27x dice rolls and an ever increasing balance. At the highest bet my wager was 2 bch a roll. I was up to around $8k worth of coin. This was amazing. I needed this so much.  I needed a new car. I needed to move out of the extended stay I lived in. 

Now this was all in the time it took my old lady to go to the gas station. By the time she came back I had busted it all. I flew too close to the sun. My wings melted. 

I ended up wagering over $60k in fifteen minutes and cashing out $15.

The end.

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