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Is Sports betting worth it for you?

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13 hours ago, HenWin said:

I'm pretty new to Stake. I wrote about those sources that I've been using longer. I've already tried Stake and haven't faced any issues. Maybe there are more experienced users here who can reply you in more detail. 

 oh i thought u were old that good u new like me :)

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In my opinion, it is worth it. It all depends on your knowledge of the sport. I am betting on sports matches for a long time, and I have already developed some golden rules for myself. Firstly, it is important to bet on licensed websites, like Betboo. Secondly, never trust to match predictions that are posted online, because they are not right. This is why I would recommend analyzing all the data by yourself, and make the decision also by yourself. In betting analyzing old matches of all teams can help you considerably to make predictions and make the right choice.



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Sports betting is worth it. as there are many markets on which you can bet on. 

And you can do parlays which are like multipliers to increase your payouts 

In addition there are well established strategies which increases each individuals odds of winning. So its definitely worth it

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