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Bet365 CEO could have the highest Executive Pay in the World?

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From the news at Casino.org, the UK record for "Highest Executive Pay Packet" has just been broken by none other than Denise Coates, CEO of Bet365. 

Ironically enough, the record was set by herself back a year ago. The publicity-shy CEO paid herself $422 million in 2019, up from $287 million in 2018


Coates’s hourly wage is at a staggering $212,000 for an average 40-hour work week.

To put this into perspective, Sheldon Adelson — the wealthiest man in the gaming industry and 21st richest man in the world — paid himself $26.1 million last year. Meanwhile, Tim Cook, CEO of the world’s most valuable company, Apple, received $12.8 million last year.

Even though Elon Musk was technically being “paid” $513 million, much of that was in stock options tied to performance goals and not cold, hard cash. 

With a rank of the 21st richest person in the U.K., there is backlash and criticism from many parties, concerned for the astounding levels of income disparity, even when comparing it to another person of similar standings.


How do you guys feel about this situation? Feel free to propose some solutions! 😁

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That's pretty insane for sure! I think a lot of the reason that the other ceo's don't pay themselves as much is for tax reasons she's obviously got to take a huge tax amount out of that because she'll be paying about 45% tax in the UK on any salary above £150,000. That she does this must mean she's earning so much that she doesn't really care about tax avoidance, or she has already maxed out on what she can justifiably avoid! 

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