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Lol does anyone actually play blackjack to win? If so, how?

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Hello Stakers!

Stake is definitely one of if not my favorite site to gamble on, however there are a few gamemodes that I find a little suspiscious. One being blackjack.

Today, I did 8 bets on blackjack, and every single one i didn't start above a 16 and lost every single one. Then after I ripped it all, I did a 0 bet and got 21. Throughout the entire day, I have not been in profit once from playing blackjack. I wonder how its even possible?

What are some of your strats for winning on blackjack, because obviously im doing something wrong, tahnks!


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Blackjack is prob my least played game.  The payout is just to low for me to do it since I usually don't do huge bets and it would take me a while to gain by doing hundreds of small medium bets.  I think the only way I would play BJ if it had a multihand feature or something maybe 5 to 10 hands, that would be cool :)

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