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2020 is good to you guys??

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2020 For me its not good, because exactly new year my cousin die :( 

I don`t know what this year will be, i expect this year will be good to our family and i thought it will bring us joy but i was wrong.

My aunt is 7 months pregnant and she gave birth with just 7 months. we are so happy because new year plus new member of the family but everything changed when we received the news that the baby of our aunt die. Every faces we have changed within a seconds. Smile in our faces erased imediately, then the vibes in our party is dying slowly. So i hope everyone reading this. I hope that this year will be good to you guys, because my aunt and uncle just in pain right now because of what happened. Happy new year to you guys. 


2020 is good to you?

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Sorry for your loss. It's only five days and nothing much happened to me so I can't say if it is a good or bad year for me but I am hoping that 2020 is much better than my 2019.

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