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Wagering strategy with a small balance.

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This is my strategy for some people wanted to know my strategy for wagering.

Limbo strategy 

settings payout is 1.01x and set stop on loss in 0.00010000 BTC

Minimum bet will be 0.00002500 BTC

This is just for wagering guys.

you need to have a another game that you are confident that you can recover the 0.00010000 BTC that you loss from Limbo.

Because I have 0.00011000 BTC balance that time from forum rewards then wagered it in Stake.

With just 0.00011000 BTC Balance. I wagered 0.02788429 BTC :) 200x of my BALANCE!!

My game that where i recover my loss is HiLo. you guys choose where you are confident that you can recover it in instant :) 

Some people will say that i already share this kind of Strategy my answer is yes but some people is asking me and not really believing my Strategy in wagering. So i hope people will believe me now :) 

you can use this guys so you can get a instant VIP :) 

Instant bronze if u have a balance of 0.00100000 BTC you can wagered 0.20000000 BTC if you can copy this strategy :) 

Instant VIP with just a small amount of Balance :) Good luck guys hope you wagered a lot hahahaha




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I also do the same thing although not exactly the same. with the initial balance of 15k sathosi I play limbo with PO 1.01x stop on loss 2x red. recover with mines or blackjack. managed to reach wager 100x from the initial balance and when I continued I could reach 350x wager with an additional profit of almost 100k sathosi 😁😁


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This is good wagering strat but i have another one to suggest try this

Keno 10 tiles with low payout suggested bankroll 1xrp and up if you only have 1 xrp your basebet will be 0.05xrp with that setting. Adjust it if you have more than 1 xrp balance. This wagering method is flat bet so no onloss and no stop onloss because your balance will only go up and down. 

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I have heard of similar strategies with 1.01x or on dice and then recover on another game. For me the hardest part is the recovery, where I tend to lose and then keep doubling till I end up in a horrible situation. Although I will give this a go. 

@blurrijs this is a good strategy only for small amounts. If you are looking to wager around a BTC you will surely end up with a big loss or one very close to the house edge %. Meaning 0.011x your wager. Which is 0.011 BTC after wagering 1 btc after numerous rolls. Which is clearly not a good idea after all. :/ I find it better to try other strats where you have the chance of at least not losing or even making profit while wagering.

@evet I have heard a few people talk about the 1% when playing 1.01x etc. How exactly does this help? Did it work for you well? Because every time you lose you will just lose more than what you had won right? So like how do you go about it. :) 

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Use this on dicebot, only for wagering :)

minone = 65
maxone = 65
mintwo = 98.97
maxtwo = 98.99

chance     = math.random(mintwo*100.0, maxtwo*100.0)/100.0
multiplier = 2
base       = 0.00000222
nextbet    = base
bethigh    = true
rollcount  = 2

function dobet()


if r == 1 then

--Randomly select High/Low
--bethigh = math.random(0,100)%2 == 0

--change seed every 200 bet
if rollcount == 200 then
rollcount = 0
rollcount = rollcount + 1

--bet progression
   if win then
      chance  = math.random(mintwo*100.0, maxtwo*100.0)/100.0
      nextbet = base
      chance  = math.random(minone*100.0, maxone*100.0)/100.0
      nextbet = previousbet * multiplier


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