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Super ball.

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hey folks :)

what i was thinking is a new kind a giveaway at plinko like we have free spins at slot, what if we have super ball at plinko, and that ball comes very randomly anytime like we get scatters at slot, so when that ball comes and drop at any multiplier we will get 2x of that multiplier, hows that sound i mean it will be awesome and fun as well :)

what you guyz think.

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I think "on paper" it is a good idea but it would be a nightmare for the developers to create. Example one of that would be how is it fair when this super ball drops? They would most likely need to refactor the whole plinko PF system for that. 

Also, it does not seem really smart for the casino side. If I have one of these supper balls drop in a 1000x that would be a 2000x payout. They would def lose a lot more money on that. It would also make it much easier to hunt big payouts. The only other game that really goes that high, that often is Limbo. So you would just be better off playing that instead lol. 

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