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Crypto Currencies Are Rising Again?

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I'm hoping for ETH LTC and BCH to rise up that's all haha, BTC is ok at some point for me xD About other coins I'm not interested on them and don't use them on my wallet, I play with the other coins on Stake and make some profit then exchange to other coins but don't withdraw it, I'm not used with them :P

About BTC I think it is going to reach upto $12-15k again for few months, I feel it !

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45 minutes ago, Dp10011 said:

Cryptocurrencies rising is great news. I hope I don't lose my balance when they reach the top again.

The main ones should stand firm. New Year always has this race for cryptocurrencies and most value themselves. So let them go up!

Right, but soon there will be major economic reorts that will drive the markets.

Q4 earnings report 

updates on Iran vs USA (yes they will effect crypto markets) 

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2020 will become a year with many news around bitcoin, from the halving in 4 months to the mass adoption.  All coins around bitcoin will try to get the best of this wonderful year.  ETH with the PoS finished will create a boom among the hodlers and coins like TRX and many others are setting incredible partnerships..... spread the word... Good luck. 

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