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This < Ü > is a Weirdo.

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I am quite sure though not a 100% certain that most of us know that to be able to use this cute character which somehow is being used by many as a smiley due to its simplicity and being cute, we just have to do a long press on the <alt> key on our windows keyboard followed by hitting the number 1,5 and 4. To those Stakers, who for some reasons aren't familiar with this shoortcut key, why don't you go ahead and try doing it yourself. 

For the benefit of those reading this, let me do it myself thrice and I am gonna make these 3 characters huge and bolder.


So why am I actually talking about this is because it has been continuously giving me annoyance while writing comments on different posts. I usually write this special character at the end of each and every comment that I write on every post to signify happiness and smiley face to give an optimistic outlook in life to the people who can read my posts or comment. It maybe a very simple thing but it can actually make some difference to some people especially to those who are not feeling happy! Anyways, what happens is whenever I try to type it before I end my comments, it would act like a function that puts me back to the previous page I was prior to typing the comment I was currently doing. To further explain and prove my claim I am gonna attach here a the link of a short video of how it happens. I hope someone can explain to me what is happening? Hahaha! 




Thanks for the time spent in reading this post of mine and I wish you all Good luck in all your future endeavours here at Stake and keep on winning guys! 


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Hey I have never seen this character as a smily face until now, lol. 

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