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What do people post the most?

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Hi I'm still getting the hang of how forum works, and have found myself wondering about what people post about the most and their motivations to do so. I'm asking this not to get advice on what i should post, but rather because I'm genuinely curious to know. I've seen a variety of things in the forum and thought I'd see what you all have t say on this subject.. Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks.

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Nowadays it's all about you getting informed from questionable feedback from your doubts or pure knowledge sharing.

It also depends on what topic you want to have a discussion going.

As for instance when i need to have some feedback from my topic as opinions i will always give a valid argument and explanation for then people answer me back with their mindsets thus helping my own conclusions to a specific problem.

For example if you need to get some news about crypto or pure regular bet's guidance you should go to those specific Sections and look for your answer.

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