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Why its so hard to play Slots??

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Slots is not a poor game. It is one of the easiest to play. But it's a game that requires no strategy or anything. It's pure "luck" at stake or very "unlucky"!

Getting free spins or big multipliers is very difficult in this game. I have already had over 60 free spins and the payout does not exceed 140x. Just as I got over 250x with just 15 free spins or almost 100x without any free spins.

The secret is to risk it even until you hit one that rewards you! 

Good luck! ;) 

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On 1/14/2020 at 11:37 AM, Ali saher said:

I think slot depends on luck if you lucky you win big otherwise you lose very fast on slot

yaw you right, slot is big risk but make money fast grow if luck with you and also busted fast if evil come to you.

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So far my experience gambling Slots has been very good, no complains at all.  I thinks that "luck" is a cycle, and you have to be prepared (enough balance) to complete the cycle and wait for luck to come.  Once you trust the site, which I am sure we all do here in Stake, then you have to be rolling SLots to get that lucky cycle.  I mostly do 20 lines rolls, this is the way I get the most.  Keep the rolling, trust in Stake and Slots.... you will be rewarded.  Good luck. 

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