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The appearance of csgo gambling and my gambling addiction =)

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I think really a lot of people started their 'gambling career' from csgo gambling sites 😃

Hope you caught the time when there was 'CSGODouble' site. I think it one of the first ever csgo gambling sites. It was simply a roulette, but it was like something new at that date. If I'm not mistaken it was 2016. CSGODouble quickly became popular among players and streamers (phantomlord and etc you know yea).

What can I be proud of?

I had like 600 refferals (i just made a threads about csgodouble on some forums with my refferal code) and I was recieving some procents from their bets. That was like 20-40k coins per day (1000 coins = $1). Some of this income I succesfully lost on roulette, but also I've withdrawed a lot of nice skins, knifes and etc.

But then... Then steam released an 'Escrow' system (2FA u know). And while other csgo gambling sites were looking for a workaround, csgodouble just decided to close :c

I was receiving a lot of money from my refferals but then this site just closed and that's a very pity, well...

Btw that's how started my gambling addiction, and as you could understand that right now I'm on this forum, it didn't disappeared =)

Any of you remember csgodouble? 

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I start gambling a free earning site where I earn free stoshi there is just one game dice and I play dice game just 6 months 

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