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What game do you want to see on Stake?

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39 minutes ago, KittWolfe said:

a Bingo I guess? like what we see in a electronic machine game.

drawing 30balls with a jackpot number

cards can be 4 and up with random sets.

not a bad idea, that would be fun, have it multiplayer aswell. i like bingo. but i highly doubt stake would implement bingo of all games. looks to me like they want lame card games...

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5 hours ago, Han2x said:

I like that bingo too @KittWolfe. Already suggested it and I hope there will be more vote of that so that it will be implemented. I really love that bingo machine that I play in arcade. And I love to see that here and play it. 

The Bingo I was talking about is not like plinko.. pulling some lever or any.

I like to suggest to poker pvp (table) this will be a great game since players can also interact via chat /Emoji.

@Edward what do you think?


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  • 3 months later...

I wonder making a multiplayer such as uno game 2 vs2 is a good idea or not. All player have to pay a fee to play and to bet, the winner takes a percentage of the bet pool base on how great their win are and the loser lost their bet. That would be a fun  game.

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