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1% Profit/Day can be really good


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34 minutes ago, ferdinan33x said:

For me until i have balance i cant stop playing

same as me

On 02/01/2021 at 9:15 PM, InspectorC. said:

Sounds great but its gambling so even making 1% a day is hard

you right

On 22/01/2020 at 9:51 PM, weswayahe said:

good luck my friend.

because for me to get 1% profit is not enough because the balance that I have is very small under $ 10. maybe if later I have more than $ 50 I can try tips from you

good luck

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That will be the hardest thing... Sticking to 1%. It's a strategy I'll try with some strict rules applied, though I know my greed will get to me... Plus, if you're thinking of doing it on games, I would leave it alone and instead try and concentrate on sports. A team to win +4 goals or a tennis match that is virtually won... Those are the things I would put money on. Good luck all.

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Inspired by your post, I've decided to tweak things a little bit. Call it greed, call it lack of patience, call it whatever, but below is a breakdown of my plan for the coming weeks.

Hourly reload is currently ~$2

Base Rule - No deposits over $10/week. Work with reloads as much as possible.

Rule 1 - No slots, no Stake Originals, no live dealer; just sports.

Rule 2 - Starting with $10 balance, attempt to increase by 10% daily.

Rule 3 - No singles unless completed convinced.

Rule 4 - Aim for 3-4 selections combining to reach ~10% profit. Example, for this evening, Leicester +2 (1.01), Napoli +2 (1.07), Over 0.5 Eibar vs Real Sociedad (1.07). This gives a return of 15.6349%.

Rule 5 - Avoid sports you know nothing about (we have all been there betting on U17 women's Azerbaijani volleyball second division... Haven't we?).

Rule 6 - Don't be tied down by X bets/day. If you like a bet, do it, if you don't, hold-off.

Rule 7 (not a strict rule) - Once profit reaches ~$100, withdraw the $10 and start an attempt alongside the active one.

To be honest, this is my way of managing my reloads, avoiding falling into the pitfalls of depositing because my numbers aren't coming up in Roulette or trying someone's revolutionary Dice strategy, and, should all go well, I'm hoping there's some green (money!) at the end of it.

For context, starting with $10, it'll take 25 bets to reach $100 return. For $1,000 it will take 49, which is obviously quite a streak, but certainly doable. Plus, if 10% is your minimum and you see 15.6349%'s like this evening's games, then you can get to your goals a lot quicker (based off of 15.6349% ROI, you could make $100 in 16 and $1,000 in 32 bets.

Anyhow, that's what I'm up to for the foreseeable. The eventual goal is to hit $1,000 before spending $1,000.

For those dreaming bigger than me, on 15.6349%'s, it'll take 80 bets for a million and 121 at 10%.

I'm more than happy to share this journey with people in a separate thread if you'd be interested.

GLOAA - Good luck one and all (it's an abbreviation I'm pushing viral).

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This is something I have been looking at trying along that line:
Starting with $1000 and doing 1% per day. But, instead of 1% per day as a daily requirement you create a spreadsheet from day 1-365. On each day you enter what you need to have made on THAT day to be inline with 1% per day. Maybe you made 5% on day one and that would cover like day 1-3. Also, setting a limit for the lower side something like 2-5% loss and you stop with that bank roll for the day.

The advantage is that the earnings stays in the pool and you aren't tempted to pull that 4% over your daily target as profit and if you hit a big day and say 100% you can take a week off.

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1% per day is good but we lose the patience and sometimes even winning that 1% is hard actually when you have a day off like I lost 50000 TRX in no time :( few days back

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