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Sign of hitting 1000x

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On 1/22/2020 at 9:47 AM, Nicol3 said:

Has anyone of you observed a trend on this game? Lately, I have yet to somehow realize that whenever I am going to hit x1000 on a specific game play session, prior to hitting the highest multiplier x1000, I would hit x130 and x26 a lot of times. Then almost all the time I'd be hitting x1000. These in a way happens otherwise. Whenever I do not hit the x1000 multiplier prior to getting busted my Plinko session will get flooded by x0.20 multipliers and of course we all know the result to be BUSTED. Somehow because of this I prevent this game from screwing me up as I use this as a sign for me to stop or to continue my game play. So has anyone experienced this? Let me know by responding to this post. I'd love to heat from you my fellow Stakers. Good luck guys! Keep winning! Cheers! 🔥


I don't think I have actually even hit a 1000x before, I have only gotten 5.1x because I am too chicken to actually play with higher risk.

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