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🏆 [1 BTC] Multi Master - Go Big or Go Home! week 1⚽

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@Dusan I have an issue with this challenge. 

I've picked my choices getting a x330000 odds.. And the max bet allowed for this is... 0.0045 eth so I can't bet the minimum requirement. 

Indeed I haven't picked the lowest odds on this one. Yet it's a bit biaising the challenge if not all the combination of the 10 games x 3 possible outcome can be picked to enter challenge  

That said stake could maybe allow special limits for the challenge has a 10 leg acca with such big odds has almost no chance to win.. 

So I took another bet with more obvious choices ( all fav winnings more or less)

And with that I have x500 odds and I can bet 0.0062 Eth. Max bet is 3 eth lol... 


Last edit

Here's my final pick. Compromise between fav and underdog I hope to pick right 😉


( I've deleted others bets to keep my entrie valid 😉



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On 1/27/2020 at 12:28 PM, Dusan said:

You can only have one entry.

Watch out for minimum bets boys and girls, if you placed a bet under minimum it won't count for challenge :)

Hi again @Dusan

Damn only entrie is few, maybe 2 at least or 3 Max could be cool, without giving us too big chances? 

But my main concern is about if odds or too high ( meaning if we pick too much underdog we can't bet mini bet size requirements as I showed with my earlier post. Is there something possible to sort this out? 

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