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🏆 [1 BTC] Multi Master - Go Big or Go Home! week 1⚽

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1 hour ago, cryptonesiac said:

I really hope more promotions like these will happen in the future... it's nice to dream about not just the 1 BTC, but also the high multiplier when predicting all correctly!

That's what I was thinking!! I think my $1 bet in Tron will win ~$2400 if I guess correct!!! 😎

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14 hours ago, nikowin88 said:

Hi again @Dusan

Damn only entrie is few, maybe 2 at least or 3 Max could be cool, without giving us too big chances? 

But my main concern is about if odds or too high ( meaning if we pick too much underdog we can't bet mini bet size requirements as I showed with my earlier post. Is there something possible to sort this out? 

Thanks for your report, we will investigate this :)

Enter your bet ID in the post @penikmattempik

4 hours ago, penikmattempik said:


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