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Difficult House edge of 1%???

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Hi guys,

I saw so many times 
Most of gamblers loose money
Why this happens???

As house edge is only 1% 
Why 49/100 peeps not won

-Wrong Martingale strategy
-Loss when we increase bet 
-Perfect Loss when Max bet
(i saw so many times loss appear when we press max bet even on small multiplier of 1.01x)

Being Griddy can't be reason if house edge work properly
Did u ever think about it....

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this is what you call gambling, its gambling bro result you dont know and also you cant predict you always lose more than profit this is what happen in gambling, but sometimes you get very big hit which covers your most of losses, so ups and downs is a part of gambling.

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Yeah even though if lets say most games have house edge at 1%, there are still so many variables that are actually contributing to a players disadvantage especially when it comes to decision making in gambling. That is mostly why the house will almost definitely always win in the end of the day.

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This is very simple to understand. 

Every game has a house edge. It's calculated in very simple way. Player expectation are wrong. 1% house edge don't mean that you will get 99% paymant back, it's mean all players will get 99% back. It's calculated on very large numbers of bet. That's why noone shoud calculate house edge as your personal chance to win, it's for all players. That's simple math. Think about it.

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