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It seems to me that tactics are not important here, if HiLo wants to deceive you, then he will do it, and if he wants to give money, then it seems to me it does not matter where to press High or Low. HiLo lied to me many times, sooner or later he would eat up the whole balance.  But sometimes it makes it possible to reach very high multipliers. It seems to me that only luck will help in this game.;)

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i dont think if there is any pattern or tactic for this game, you just have to manage your bankroll and then just keep playing, if you want to go for big multiplier then play with small bet amount, and if you are in mood of high rolling then just take small multipliers.

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Hi lo has a strategy 

The name.says the strategy 

You have to.learn how it works

Its hi or lo and then lo or hi but it can be again hi or lo

Counting cards doesn't matter  it makes.no sense

As more.carss you open it's easier to lose 

When younger a 2x or 3x  its.ok.to.cashout if you play big bets

If you play  small.bets you can try your.luck with more  than 15 cards

Then the payout will be about 30x or 200x but you have to be patient 

Good luck 

Sincerely  gougou 

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