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What is your first love's name ..??

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19 hours ago, FanEagle said:

My first love of when I was 3 yrs old was Sarah

That's indeed a very beautiful name..

18 hours ago, Snike said:

Bojana is a beautiful name:x

Best of luck bro @Snike..

18 hours ago, HappyBitcoin said:

I shouldn't even answer this because I feel like its gonna come back to bite me in the ass ... but anyways

Her name was...





Did you got the bite mate..??


18 hours ago, SuddenlyBroke said:


Nice name..??

18 hours ago, Grifter said:

First love, First crush since grade 2 is WHITNEY T. FIGUERA, she didnt even know that she was my crush since elementary xD 

So, is she with you now.. I mean to say, did you got your first crush..?? @Grifter

17 hours ago, neoooo said:

Sherien .

I hope my wife doesn't see this comment ;)


Double trouble huh..??

14 hours ago, Kargai said:


Very cute name..

What is the meaning of the name my friend..?? @Kargai

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