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​ [0.0025 BTC] A Love Story 💝 | Discord Challenge

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A Love Story 💝

This week's Discord challenge will be an hommage to love. 💖 🥰

Valentine's Day is getting closer so we wish to honor this special love-day by talking about what your associations to it are. Not only what your associations to it are, but also why. If you decide to fulfill this part of the task as well, you will earn some additional funds. The amount will be a surprise and it will depend on the quality of your post (not necessarily the word count, but also the very content of your reply).

Of course, I will start first so you get an idea how it could be done:

My association to Valentine's Day is an engagement (ring) 💍 since my boyfriend, now fiance, proposed to me on that day a year ago. 🤭:x I really didn't see it coming and I was so overwhelmed when it happened that I had no reaction at first. 😁 Only after a few moment did I realize what just happened and I started to cry tears of happiness. 🤭Our colleagues were also all surprised when we told them since none of them could foresee what was about to happen when I got home. 😁 It was one of the happiest days of my life. 🥰

After you post your reply on Discord, just take a screenshot of it and post it here, so we could have your entry noted. 🙃
Prize pool would be divided among eligible users.


Prize Pool

  • 0.0025 BTC will be shared among eligible users.
  • Additional mystery bonus amounts to those who fulfill the second part of the task

Good luck! :x

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My valentine my declare his love in the microphone of  the train station for our 6 months as threw happy I invite him to the restaurant here is my best memory of February 14.



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Hey everyone so here we go  ... not all love stories are happy stories; My ex-boyfriend’s birthday is February 7 Valentine’s Day is a week later I met him on his birthday on Valentine’s Day he convinced me to date him; love is a very strange thing.. And it makes you do some crazy things we had what started as a really nice partnership but things quickly grew ugly it was very abusive very physical and it went on for 12 months, full circle ending on Valentine’s Day last year. To this day I have scars on my arms from our fights but for some reason I don’t resent him because I know that my cheating on him really hurt him - while it doesn’t excuse his actions,  and know  We can conceivably be together ever again we both still love each other from a far and care very much about each other’s well-being and success. He’s been off drugs for now eight months and thankfully despite some bad decisions didn’t have to spend any time in jail. Now this may all sound very psychotic.. but love is a crazy thing; for some reason I can’t bring myself to resent him I will always care for him no matter what if he needs me and I know he would do the same for me it’s not a happy story But not every love story is a happy story With a happy ending. And if I learned one thing it’s to never cheat on somebody again Because I see the painter can cause somebody if they find out even if they find out by going through your phone when you’re sleeping 😕


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Good day! 🥰

Thank you Discordians for sharing your Valentine's stories. I know it wasn't that easy for some of you. - it surely took you lots of courage to confess some of the things you have and we appreciate your confiding in us. 💓

You were rewarded accordingly and many of you actually managed to get some extra coins! 💰 Job well done! :D 

The winners list:

@poulpy10500, @weswayahe, @edilbert777, @RDx7, @Yofundme, @gandza750, @1991pasxos, @LuckyYT, @JacksonPalmer, @AnnieGrace, @Viksen, @williamshennie9, @chamet, @Karim, @jamesbond, @Nicol3, @Thepug, @Clavem

Congratulations everyone! 

The prizes for your efforts have already been sent to your account. 💸

Have fun! 🥰

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