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How far were you able to go from ‘nothing’

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 From nothing dear you go nowhere.you have to have some funds to try your luck

It depends how big you play.normally.when I was going up my bets where 1/1000 of my balance.of course i started with 100 sats too but i had and bets with 100k too.but then unfortunately  luck left me.but I keep trying so don't get upset and be patient

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My biggest run till time is from few small rains to around 240$  
It take around 5-7 days in total
but really feel good and happy with that 200+$ profit in 1st week of Jan 2020.

I also made few more time like 70-100$ from small rains.
but unfortunately my greed eat all balance without withdrawals...

hope i made around 500$ sometime and withdraw same....

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We can make more than 1 btc or thing which can not imaginable from small dust...

Just 2 things needed for that
-Dare to bet 

if u has both of thing u can get biggest possible win.
but very few peoples has same

My example
one time i had luck but not dare to bet and missed big winning
i always play on 9900x on once of my favourite faucet website.
i made 100k sats from faucet and then change my seed.

i want to take risk that 100k ( 1k bets on 9900x)  but i not take that risk.
on 8th bet i hit 9900x again (just bet 10 sats)
then just withdraw 0.002...

means its rare combination where we have both of above thing at same time....

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I made .0001btc into .004 and .2 xrp to 160 :) it takes 5hrs to made that amount and yes that was before but now I can't even make a profit of 10xrp from the deposit I made nor on btc don't know why but mines is killing me

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Ingot up to 600 xrp one time from like .02. It wasnt easy and I wish I could say that I cashed out. I would be lying to you if I said I did lol. It start at limbo, then switched to another game and from there it was on. Finally landed at plinko.... and well, you know the rest haha. Stay green!

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