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Depends on the other amount of works i have like for eg : If i have a meeting from my work then i usually would spend like 1 - 2 hours other wise i would spend around 3 -4 hours 

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You regret not spending more time on Stake? Why though, i mean for me i want to spend the least amount of time on stake as possible. Because there are so many other things i could and probably should be doing! And a few things id rather be doing instead. 

I guess you really enjoy your stays at Stake though, well atleast you enjoy it! I guess thats all that matters. 


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On 12/2/2018 at 11:44 PM, DarkBlood069 said:

So now days, I used to be on here for about 16-18 hours per day and it's almost halved as of recently, I'd say as of 1 week ago, it's still great to see everyone and these advent calender's are really something else. I'm really surprised that staff pay us for getting lucky and I really enjoy the gesture and I'm sure others do just as much. I hope there are more forum contribution posts giveaways because they are just as important to be honest and it's great to see a recent rise in sats rewarded, it shows how the staff really care about our fair contribution. So I'm hoping during next week that my hours here will be a little more then normal!

Well, how are you actually still alive after 16-18 hours a day?:o Anyways as I've realised, you have kinda decrease a lot those hours, as you already mentioned. However, you did a lot for stake's community and I guess that you deserve some rest!

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