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FIFA eWorld Cup 2020: Review

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FIFA eWorld Cup 2020: Review
Review by @jianisniceyo


Ever since its inception in 2017, the eWorld Cup has featured the world’s best real-world football clubs and big named eSports teams. Its fourth instalment featured 24 teams competing for a prize pool of 100,000USD and the much sought out EA Sports Global Series points. 

Teams were divided into four groups of six. In the group stage, every team had played each other three times. The first game was played in either PlayStation or Xbox in a 1v1 format with the second game played on the other console. The third game is played in 2v2 format where each team shared their preferred console ahead of the tournament via draft. For each group stage game, teams will earn zero points for a loss, one point for a draw and three points for a win.


Group A

On the first matchday of Group A, Olympique Lyonnais had a dominating start against Nordavind DNB with 7 points to 1, and Gillette Infinity Esports with the same points with Hashtag United with 4 points each, and NEO outscored FaZe Clan with 5 points to 2. On the second matchday, the tide shifted, Olympique Lyonnais got the bitter end of being outscored 7 to 1 by NEO, Nordavind tying with Gillete Infinity Esports 4 to 4, and Hashtag United beating FaZe Clan 5 points to 2. On the third matchday, Olympique Lyonnais again got outscored 7 points to 1 by Hashtag United, Gilette Infinity Esports tied 4 points to 4 of FaZe Clan, and NEO tying 3 points to 3 of Nordavind DNB. On the fourth matchday, Hashtag United scored 6 points to 3 against NEO making them comfortable in first place and a secured slot in the knockout stages. Faze Clan again ties with Nordavind DNB 4 points each, and Olympique Lyonnais finally showing signs of life scoring 5 points to 2 against Gillete Infinity Esports. Then here comes the final match day, with FaZe Clan and Nordavind DNB in the verge of elimination with 12 points apiece, Hashtag United, even though they are sitting comfortably at first place, showed no mercy to Nordavind DNB 6 points to 3 sealing the deal, and eliminating Nordavind DNB out of the tournament. NEO and Gillete Infinity Esports tied with 4 points securing a knockoff stage spot for NEO, Here comes the upset of the group, before this match, Olympique Lyonnais was in the top 4 and FaZe Clan was at the bottom 2, but after a strong showing by FaZe Clan they managed to outscore Olympique Lyonnais 7 points to 1 which managed to steal a knockout stage spot against Olympique Lyonnais thus eliminating them.

Hashtag United, NEO and Olympique Lyonnais progressed.


Group B

On the first matchday of Group B, FC Basel 1893 eSports dominated Blue United eFC 9 points to 0 in a very convincing fashion. Borrusia-E-Sports outscored Ellevens 5 points to 2, and Movistar Riders tied with Mkers with 3 points apiece. On the second matchday, Blue United eFC was again at the receiving end of a stomp being outscored 7 points to 1 by Movistar Riders. Mkers managed to tie with Ellevens with both teams securing 4 points for them. FC Basel 1893 eSports managed to outscore Borussia-E-Sports 5 points to 2 making FC Basel sit comfortably in first place in the first 2 days. On the third matchday, the stomper got stomped, this time Movistar Riders was the one who was at the receiving end of another 7 points to 1 with Ellevens showing an excellent performance. FC Basel 1893 eSports managed to make it even on their last match of the day against Mkers which both teams secured 4 points. Same thing happened with Blue United eFC's match against Borussia-E-Sports where they both secured a win in each of their 1v1's and drawing in their 2v2 match securing 4 points to each of their respective teams. On the fourth matchday, the first time we see FC Basel 1893 eSports being outscored, 2 points to 5 by Ellevens. Borussia-E-Sports secured 6 points against Movistars Riders' 3 points. On the last day of matchday in group B, FC Basel 1893 eSports and Borussia-E-Sports are mathematically secured in the knockout stage. Movistars Riders and Blue United eFC are on the verge of elimination. FC Basel 1893 eSports ended Movistar Riders' chance to qualify to the next round by outscoring them 7 points to 1 securing Movistar Riders' elimination. Borussia-E-Sports and Mkers managed to score 4 points apiece which then secured Mkers spot to the next round. Blue United eFC managed to outscore Ellevens 6 points to 3, but they fall just short in making it to the top 4.

Mkers, FC Basel 1893 and Borussia E-Sports progressed.


Group C

On the first matchday of Group C, it was an even match up where all teams performed well. Fnatic managed to outscore  AS Roma Esports 6 points to 3 and although Team QLASH got outscored by FK Austria Wien 6 points to 3, Nasr eSports and Redemption eSports also got 3 points where their match resulted in 3 draws, it makes this group interesting because after the first day, it is still unclear on who will be this group's leader it is still anyone's game at this point. Then comes the second matchday where we see a couple of one-sided matches, Fnatic breezed their way through FK Austria Wien where they dominated them 9 points to none. AS Roma Esports also manage to secure a dominating point lead against Redemption eSports where they outscore them 7 points to 1. Team QLASH managed to show signs of life where they manage to win a match against Nasr eSports but overall, Nasr won 2 of their 3 games securing 6 points for their team and 3 points for Team Qlash. On the third match day, we get to see another monstrous performance by Fnatic where they dominated again but this time it is against Team QLASH where they outscore them 9 points to none. Redemption eSports also showed a strong performance where they managed to dominate FK Austria Wien 9 points to none. AS Roma Esports managed to outlast Nasr eSports where they tie 2 of their matches and AS Roma Esports won 1 thus securing 5 points for them and 2 points for Nasr eSports. Fourth matchday comes and here we get to see AS Roma Esports dominating Team QLASH 9 points to none breezing through them in a very convincing manner. FK Austria Wien managed to outscore Nasr eSports 6 points to 3, and here on the fourth day, we get to see Group C's titan Fnatic fall to Redemption eSports being outscored 6 points to 3. In the last matchday here in group C, Fnatic and AS roma Esports are way ahead and are mathematically secured spots in the next round meanwhile Team QLASH needs to score 9 points and Nasr eSports needs to score none for them to qualify. But to Team QLASH's dismay, they only Nasr Esports managed to draw their first game against Fnatic and just by that game, mathematically, they secure their spot in the next round. The game against Fnatic ended 7 points to 1 in favor of Fnatic, and Team QLASH only managed to score 5 points against Redemption eSports' 2 points at this point, Team QLASH are eliminated. AS Roma Esports sitting comfortably just behind Fnatic at 2nd place outscore FK Austria Wien 5 points to 2, thus eliminating FK Austria Wien out of the tournament.

AS Roma Esports, Fnatic and Nasr Esports progressed.


Group D

On the first matchday of Group D, R288 managed to secure a convincing lead against DUX Gaming where they managed to win 2 out of the 3 games and tie the 3rd game gaining 7 points for their team and 1 for DUX Gaming. Team FW AU won 1 out of the 3 games against Complexity Gaming and tying 2 of their remaining games thus securing 5 points for them and leaving Complexity Gaming with only 2 points. Same thing happened with Sporting CP Esports and Manchester City eSports but with Sporting CP Esports getting the upper hand winning 1 of 3 games and tying 2 of their remaining games giving them 5 points and Manchester City eSports with only 2 points. On the second matchday, after a monstrous performance at day 1, Team R288 was the one at the receiving end of a point blowout. They lost 2 games out of 3 and the remaining match being a tie against Complexity Gaming where Complexity gained 7 points there and Team R288 had 1 point. Sporting CP Esports had a great performance in their second 1 v1 but only managed to win 1 and tying 2 games against Team FW AU which gave them 5 points for that day, and the latter team only 2 points. In Manchester City’s eSports match against DUX Gaming the first 2 games were scoreless for both teams which then gave them 1 point apiece for draws, and it was decided by the 2v2 match where Manchester City eSports scored a goal against DUX Gaming which then gave them a total of 5 points and left DUX Gaming with only 2 points. On the third matchday, Team R288 won 1 out of 3 games against Manchester City’s eSports and tying the remaining games which then gave Team R288 5 points and Manchester City’s eSports with only 2 points. Complexity Gaming won 2 games out of 3 and lost their remaining game against Sporting CP Esports which gave them 6 points and Sporting CP Esports are given 3 points for their win. Team FW AU and DUX Gaming’s match was the closest this day because both teams each won one game and tied their remaining which gave them 4 points apiece. On the fourth matchday, interestingly enough, it is still unclear who is safe at this point because mathematically speaking, it is still anyone’s game. It becomes more of a puzzle when two of the three matches concluded, Team FW AU and Manchester City eSports match ended with a tie where both teams won a game each and their deciding match was draw, giving both teams 4 points each. The same thing happened with Sporting CP Esports and Team R288 where both teams won a game each and tied their decider giving 4 points to both teams. Complexity Gaming and DUX Gaming’s match was different because it ended with a 7-1-point lead where Complexity won 2 games and drawing their decider. In the last matchday of Group D, it is still unclear on who is going in and who will be eliminated. DUX Gaming won all their games against Sporting CP Esports securing them 9 points but is still unable to qualify because of the draw rules.  Team FW AU won 2 games out of their 3 games and drawing their remaining game against Team R288 securing their knockout round spot. Team FW AU scored 7 points and left Team R288 with only one point. Manchester City eSports are on the verge of elimination and played their heart out only to fall short against Complexity Gaming. They won 1 game and drew another where they only gained 4 points but at least 5 points is needed for qualification, thus Manchester City eSports was eliminated.

Team FW AU, Sporting CP Esports and Complexity Gaming progressed.


Round of 16

Round of 16 started with 4 games starting at the same time, let’s open it up with Nasr eSports who barely qualified in group C upset group A leader, Hashtag United. Two games were played where their first 1v1 ended with a draw and the 2v2 where Nasr eSports defeated Hashtag United with 2 goals against 1. It is lackluster to see the top performer in the group make an early exit, but its also Nasr eSports who showed a bigger heart and completed the upset. Next, we got Fnatic disposing Gilette Infinity Esports eSports quite easily. They breezed through their competition and won both games quite convincingly with the 1v1 ending in 4 goals to none in favor of Fnatic and their 2v2 match also ended in Fnatic’s favor with 2 goals to none. Team Ellevens managed to beat Team FW AU in one of their matches and their remaining game ended with a draw which then led to Ellevens elimination Team FW AU. Group B’s Borussia-E-Sports take on Group D’s R288 where Borussia-E-Sports Managed to seal the deal after their first game ended with a draw and the 2v2 ending in a 2:1 goal lead for Borussia-E-Sports booking their ticket to the next round.  Group B’s Titan FC Basel 1893 eSports had all of their 3 matches end in a draw against Sporting CP Esports, but it resulted in Sporting CP Esports moving on to the next round. AS Roma Esports went toe to toe with FaZe Clan with their first 2 games ending in a tie and their deciding 1 v 1 match ended with AS Roma Esports claiming the upper hand against FaZe Clan with a 2:1 goal lead. Group D’s top dog, Complexity Gaming breezed through their competition Mkers where they managed to win both of their games securing them a spot to the next round and eliminating Mkers. NEO and Redemption eSports match was thrilling at first, for their first game ended in a draw but the 2v2 ended with NEO making it look easy, scoring 3 goals to none, eliminating their opponent, Redemption eSports.


Quarter Finals

The quarter finals had 4 games starting at the same time, so let’s kick off with Ellevens beating Nasr eSports in their first game and drawing their 2v2 match with 1 goal apiece, sealing the deal and cutting Nasr eSports hope for the championship. Another strong showing by Fnatic was displayed as they managed to defeat Borussia-E-Sports going all the way to 3 matches, their first 2 matches was a split and the deciding game ended with a nail biting 4:3 goal score with Fnatic just barely winning it by the skin of their teeth.  AS Roma Esports and Sporting CP Esports match also went 3 games where their first 2 games were a draw and AS Roma Esports winning their decider match moving on to the next round. We witness another 3-game match in our last game of the quarter finals with Complexity Gaming’s match against NEO where their first game ended scoreless for both teams and the second game each scoring 1 goal. It all boiled down to the deciding match where Complexity Gaming has NEO’s numbers and took it home with a 2:1 goal lead.



The start of the semi-finals started well for Fnatic as they take on Team Ellevens. The first game of their match, Fnatic was performing their best as they score 3 goals to none, only to go scoreless and lose their second and deciding matches against Team Ellevens. The 2v2 match ended 2:0 in favor of Team Ellevens and the deciding match was a 1v1 match also ending in 2:0 in Team Ellevens favor as they await the victor Complexity Gaming and AS Roma Esports semi-final match. Speaking of which, Complexity Gaming and AS Roma Esports match was a thing of beauty. Both teams fueled their hearts out where their first game ended in a draw were both teams are scoreless and the 2v2 match Complexity managed to steal a goal and book a win securing their Grand Final spot and ending AS Roma Esports hope to win the title.



Team Ellevens take on Complexity Gaming at the grand final where they go blow for blow in every match they play. It started with Complexity taking a convincing 2:0 lead against their competitor and are looking to seal the deal but at their second game, team Ellevens breathe new life as they hold on for tournament life and make it even scoring 2 goals against Complexity Gaming. Since both teams have each won one game, it all boils down to the deciding match where Complexity Gaming took the bag home in a penalty shoot out where they won 2:1 against their team Ellevens who also fought their hearts out but there can only be one winner. Complexity Gaming took home 40,000 USD behind the backs of their young guns, Joksan 'Redona' Redona Tello and Max Emilov 'MaXe_VIP' Popov and 2000 EA sports Global series points each. On the other hand, Team Ellevens fall short but they will go home with 20,000 USD and 1400 EA sports Global series points each.

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